Rearview Mirior Bluetooth Car Kit
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  1. Bluetooth BC 5.0 compatible with all Bluetooth cell phone(Iphone, Nokia,Samsung, LG, Blackberry,
    HTC, Sony Ericsson, Moto and so on in the world and compatible with
    GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/UMTS/HSDPA web),also A2DP can play cellphone music and choose
    the last or next by the device.
  2. Wireless installation,simply clip on your current rearview mirror,plug and play.
  3. To answer/end /reject a call by the Bluetooth car kit by the Bluetooth mirror
  4. Voice dialing, dial-back and redialing.
  5. Built-in high sensitivity Microphone and stereo loudspeaker.
  6. Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery support 8 hours talking and 120 hours standby.
  7. Wireless earpiece for private talking up to 2 hours, for private talking and music and charging
    automatically once replaced.
  8. High definition LCD screen display incoming call ID, caller Name, FM frequency and Battery
  9. Telephone book can record 200 telephone numbers. Record last 10 received calls and dial-back
  10. Built-in plate with key backlight for more convenient in the night.
  11. The battery mark display the charging progress.
  12. Download the all contact list one off to the mirror memory.
  13. Integrated Car MP3 player to enjoy music while driving, play MP3 format music in SD/MMC memory,
    choose your favorite song by press NEXT/PREV key. The MP3 player will be compensate the car
    without or with CD/DVD’s scarcity, you can play any song download from internet and store in
    SD/MMC card.
  14. Remember the last song and the frequency automatically.
  15. Built-in FM transmitter, enjoy wireless music or call from car audio with full frequency from 88.1-107.9.
  16. Re-connected automatically while back to car
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Car Bluetooth Kit