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    GPS With Wireless CCD Bumper Camera System
    5" Digital High Definition 800 x 480 Screen
    800 mhz powerful CPU
    FM Transmitting
    Auto Switch To Backup Mode
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    Environment Parameters
    Size        5 1/2 inch(L) x 3 1/2 inch(W) x 1/2 inch(D)
    Working temperature        14℉ ~ 140℉
    Storage temperature        -4℉ ~ 158℉
    Working humidity        45% ~80%RH
    Storage humidity        30% ~ 90%RH

    Basic Parameters
    Screen dimensions        5 inch
    Resolution        800 x 480
    Max brightness        300  lumen
    Audio output        Double channel CD sound quality
    Audio power        Double channel for earpieces 0.25W/channel
    Double channel 8Ω/1W
    Average power        1W
    Standby power        <20mW
    Battery type        Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 1600mAh
    Battery life        2 hours working/150 hours sleeping

    System Parameters
    Main frequency        800 MHZ
    Main chip type        MSB2531
    SDRAM         128 M
    NAND Flash        4 GB
    Navigation software storage        Internal memory
    Operation system        WinCE 6.0
    Software compilation        ARMV4

    GPS Hardware Parameters
    Frequency        1.57541GHZ
    C/A CODE        1.023MHZ chip rate
    Satellite channel         48 channels
    Tracking sensitivity        -161dBm
    Location sensitivity        10m, 2D RMS
    2m,  2D RMS, WASS enable
    Speed rate        0.1m/s
    Data update rate        1Hz
    Recapture time        0.1s on average
    Hot startup time        Less than 2s
    Warm startup time        32s on average
    Cold startup time        Less than 35s
    Maximum altitude        59,000 feet
    Maximum speed rate        515m/s
    Acceleration        < 4g
    Build-in antenna type        Build-in active ceramic antenna
    Built-in antenna gain        27dB
    Build-in antenna voltage        3.3V±5%
    Build-in antenna current        15mA

    Transmission protocol        Bluetooth Spec. V1.2 Compliant
    Chip        CSR BLUECORE3
    Output power mode        CLASS2
    Transmission speed        Full Speed Bluetooth, 723Kbps
    Decode        Built in 16-bit Stereo Codec

    FM Transmission
    Frequency range        88MHZ ~ 92MHZ
    Transmit distance        10~ 16 feet

    Imaging Sensor               CMOS 628x582 (NTSC)
    Transmission Frequency                2,400 - 2483 Mhz
    Transmission Power        10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
    Modulation Type        FM
    Power Supply        12V +/-2V DC
    Consumption Current (Max.)        170mA
    Horizontal View Angle                120 Degrees
    Dimensions (L x W x D)       32*28*42.5mm     
    Weight       88g
    Operating Temperature        -30°C/+65°C(-22°F/149°F)
    Operating Humidity        85% RH

    Receiving Frequency        ISM 2,414 MHz
    Intermediate Frequency        480 MHz
    Antenna        50 ohm SMA
    Receiving Sensitivity        <= -85 dBm
    Video Output Signal Level        1 Vp +/- 0.2V~ @75ohm,
    Power Supply          12V-32V DC
    Consumption Current (Max.)        70mA
    Operating Temperature        -10°C/+50°C(+14°F/122°F)
    Operating Humidity        85% RH
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GPS With Wireless Backup Camera System