Wireless system and wired system comparison
Wireless system
Wired system
Wired system transfer signal from camera into monitor through cable, while wireless system transfer 2.4Mhz wireless signal
between transmitter (connected with camera) and receiver (connected with monitor) instead.

Wireless system look like more attractive, easy to install, no complex wire organization and hiding, but most important to ensure
hight quality transfers.

In the open area and no interference source condition, the wireless signals can transfer very far away with good quality, but
inside vehicle, that could be a different story. First of all, wireless signal cannot go through metal materials, vehicle body or other
metal objects could block it; Secondly, other same frequency wireless signal around could cause interference.

Generally speaking, wireless system is not suitable for some type of truck, like pickup truck, and most of the long vehicle, like
motorhome and 5th wheel RV, and also please remember:
wired system is alway more reliable than wireless system
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